Founded by RQS Pro, the Green Horizon
Alliance is a collaborative network of the
most successful breeding and biotechnology
centres in the world. It represents a collective
of like-minded individuals dedicated to
serving the global cannabis market through
innovation, insight and expertise.

breeding and biotechnology

Key values:

  • Fostering a collective of the world’s foremost experts in cannabis genetics, development, farming and processing
  • Providing a global one-stop-shop for the highest quality, scientifically backed hemp and cannabis cuttings and seeds
  • Driving continual improvement and innovation throughout the hemp and cannabis industries
  • Speaking the same language as growers and cultivators to provide the best possible service and aftercare
continual improvement

The Green Horizon Alliance starts with 6 strategic partners:


As a dedicated division of the Royal Queen Seeds brand, RQS Pro delivers a pioneering selection of seeds and cuttings to the global cannabis industry. With our integrated breeding program, industry expertise, and extensive customer base, RQS Pro stands out from existing seed banks by offering genetics guaranteed to meet the needs of professional growers.



Leading the field in science-based genetics are Israel-based innovators RCK. The company not only specialises in breeding tailor-made medical varieties, but they are the first to operate methodological marker-assisted cannabis breeding (MAB). With the backing of cutting-edge proprietary technology and expert leadership, RCK has opened the gateway to a new era of cannabis cultivation.

Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants is a global biotech leader specializing in reliable plant storage and propagation, supplying cannabis growers with high quality, clean tissue culture clones with consistent, stable genetics. Applying 40 years of biogenetic experience, they will accelerate the cannabis industry. Supplying LP’s with high quality tissue cultures, ensuring the optimization of their output. Currently they produce over 30 million plant & tissue culture products per year for our customers. With our experience and commitment to our NAK Elite Certification, we work with our clients to create clean (virus & bacteria free) certified products to meet their planned production timelines & quantities.

breeding the genetic storage of plants

Royal Botanicals

As one of America’s leading plant growers, Royale Botanicals has over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry. With a focus on cultivating clean, healthy mother stock plants, grown from proven genetics, the company offers a comprehensive range of superior quality clones from their state-of-the-art greenhouse in Colorado that are delivered to customers nationwide. Their dedication to utilizing high tech innovations and all-natural growing, has propelled them to be one of the few clone producers in the county to be organically certified by the USDA.


New Breed Seed was founded with the simple goal of bringing professional seed breeding and customer service to the cannabis industry. Based in Oregon, New Breed Seed has spent years refining their breeding techniques, and is proud to offer superior day-neutral F1 hybrids for both THC and CBD growers. Their catalogue focuses on uniformity, reliability, potency and flower quality.

GreenHouse logo

GroenHouse helps growers farm more sustainable and profitable with its knowledge about crops and its cloud platform CRISP. CRISP – Crop Revitalize Information System Platform – is a turn-key integrated solution of locally installed sensors and vision IoT devices integrated in a SaaS platform. It provides companies ultimate insight on plant performance through real-time analysis and automated recommendations to grow recipes based on AI analysis of crop data. Sister company CannNext operates a state-of-the art CEA indoor growing and research lab in the Netherlands.

GreenHouse helps growers farm

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